Featured Artist

Kanwar Singh

Art of Punjab

Kanwar Singh is globally recognized as a preeminent painter of Sikh history with artwork exhibited in prominent public spaces such as the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum in Punjab, as well as the Without Shape Without Form gallery in London U.K, which was newly created in 2017 to exclusively house his extensive collection of paintings. His work focuses on the legacy of spiritual devotion and self sacrifice spanning the lives of the ten Gurus and iconic Sikh heroes inspired by their deep connection to Waheguru (God). He captures quintessential moments, which over centuries, have forged a dynamic Sikh community through its humble origins in Punjab, to its present political and spiritual standing as the world’s fifth largest religion. The artist continues to build a legacy of work which gives Sikh history a prominent place on the walls of our homes and in the hearts of future generations.