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The 2018 Sikh Professionals Convention will be held from July 12-15, at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, Canada! Registration is now open, click here to REGISTER for the meeting!

(For HOTEL reservations, only select number of ADULTS as GUESTS per room, as children are FREE)

Sanjh: Network the professional Sikhs
Surat: Aware the Sikh collective
Sikhia: Mentor the next generation of Sikhs
Sarmaia: Fund the Sikh projects

Community Partners

Seva Food Bank
Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada
The Sikh Coalition
Sikh American Chamber of Commerce
Toronto Sikh Professionals
National Sikh Campaign


Sikh Professionals Convention (SPC) objective is to amplify the ability of Sikh professionals to benefit their community by providing an annual platform for networking, education, mentoring and funding.

SPC aspires to accomplish this by launching its inaugural event in Toronto to develop a “Sikh Professional Network” (SPN) with chapters in each major Sikh populace to be initially focused in the North American Diaspora.

To accomplish the aforesaid, the focus is on the interconnectedness of Sikhi, the Sikhs, and the creative energy needed for Sikh community development. Towards that end, SPC:

  • Invited speakers in the the following areas: business, politics, media, health, and education.
  • Partners with existing community organizations for strategic and tactical synergy.


  • To engage leaders in a dialogue targeting the formation of SPN.
  • To work towards capacity-building, especially intellectual, monetary and social capital.
  • To understand the collaboration necessary for a networking and mentoring program.


  • Invitees understand and support the establishment of a roadmap (short and mid-term).
  • Identification and commitment of people to develop SPN.
  • Develop Mission, vision, and values of SPN.

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